The complete bundle configuration:


        # Prototype
            roles:                []
            host:                 ~ # Example: ^api\.backend\.
            path:                 ~ # Example: /backend

    # Use alias to refer to multiple endpoints using only one name

        # Prototype
        name:                 ~

    # Endpoint to apply to all definitions without explicit endpoint.
    endpoint_default:     ~

    # It is important to handle errors and when possible, report these errors back to your users for information. 

        # Show error trace in debug mode
        show_trace:           true

        # Formatter is responsible for converting instances of Error to an array
        formatter:            Ynlo\GraphQLBundle\Error\DefaultErrorFormatter

        # Handler is useful for error filtering and logging.
        handler:              Ynlo\GraphQLBundle\Error\DefaultErrorHandler

        # Where to find for controlled errors

            # Default folder to find exceptions and errors implementing controlled interface.

                # Defaults:
                - Exception
                - Error

            # White listed classes

                # Defaults:
                - /App\\[Exception|Error]/
                - /\w+Bundle\\[Exception|Error]/

            # Black listed classes
            blacklist:            ~
        enabled:              false
        allow_credentials:    true

            # Defaults:
            - Origin
            - Content-Type
            - Accept
            - Authorization
        max_age:              3600

            # Defaults:
            - POST
            - GET
            - OPTIONS

            # Default:
            - *
        title:                'GraphQL API Explorer'
        data_warning_message: 'Heads up! GraphQL Explorer makes use of your <strong>real</strong>, <strong>live</strong>, <strong>production</strong> data.'
        data_warning_dismissible: true
        data_warning_style:   danger # One of "info"; "warning"; "danger"
        template:             '@YnloGraphQL/explorer.html.twig'

        # An optional GraphQL string to use when no query exists from a previous session. If none is provided, GraphiQL will use its own default query.
        default_query:        null

        # Url or path to favicon
        favicon:              ~

        # Display external API documentation link

            # Url, route or path.
            link:                 ~
            btn_label:            Documentation
            btn_class:            'btn btn-outline-success'

            # The API require credentials to make any requests, 
            # if this value is FALSE and a provider is specified the authentication is optional.
            required:             false
            login_message:        'Start exploring GraphQL API queries using your account’s data now.'
                    enabled:              false

                        # Route name or URI to make the login process to retrieve the token.
                        url:                  ~ # Required
                        username_parameter:   username
                        username_label:       Username
                        password_parameter:   password
                        password_label:       Password

                        # How pass parameters to request the token
                        parameters_in:        form # One of "form"; "query"; "header"

                        # Where the token should be located in the response in case of JSON, set null if the response is the token.
                        response_token_path:  token

                        # Where should be located the token on every request
                        token_in:             header # One of "query"; "header"

                        # Name of the token in query or header name
                        token_name:           Authorization

                        # Customize how the token should be send,  use the place holder {token} to replace for current token
                        token_template:       'Bearer {token}'

                # Configure custom service to use as authentication provider
                custom:               null

        # Maximum limit allowed for all paginations
        limit:                100

    # Group GraphQL schema using namespaced schemas. 
    # On large schemas is  helpful to keep schemas grouped by bundle and node
        enabled:              false

        # Group each bundle into a separate schema definition
            enabled:              true

            # The following suffix will be used for bundle query groups
            query_suffix:         BundleQuery

            # The following suffix will be used for bundle mutation groups
            mutation_suffix:      BundleMutation

            # The following bundles will be ignore for grouping, all definitions will be placed in the root query or mutation

                # Default:
                - AppBundle

            # Define aliases for bundles to set definitions inside other desired bundle name. 
            # Can be used to group multiple bundles or publish a bundle with a different name
            aliases:              # Example: SecurityBundle: AppBundle

                # Prototype
                name:                 ~

        # Group queries and mutations of the same node into a node specific schema definition.
            enabled:              true

            # The following suffix will be used to create the name for queries to the same node
            query_suffix:         Query

            # The following suffix will be used to create the name for mutations to the same node
            mutation_suffix:      Mutation

            # The following nodes will be ignore for grouping, all definitions will be placed in the root query or mutation

                # Default:
                - Node

            # Define aliases for nodes to set definitions inside other desired node name. 
            # Can be used to group multiple nodes or publish a node with a different group name
            aliases:              # Example: InvoiceItem: Invoice

                # Prototype
                name:                 ~
        enabled:              false

            # Query complexity score before execution. (Recommended >= 200)
            query_complexity:     0

            # Max depth of the query. (Recommended >= 11)
            query_depth:          0
            disable_introspection: false

    # Service used to encode nodes identifiers, must implements IDEncoderInterface
    id_encoder:           Ynlo\GraphQLBundle\Encoder\SecureIDEncoder