Since v1.1 GraphQLBundle display validation errors like others errors.

  "errors": [
      "code": 422,
      "tracking_id": "B6DEE59D-16F9-98F9-F086-ADC79148",
      "message": "Unprocessable Entity",
      "category": "user",
      "constraintViolations": [
          "code": "c1051bb4-d103-4f74-8988-acbcafc7fdc3",
          "message": "This value should not be blank.",
          "messageTemplate": "This value should not be blank.",
          "propertyPath": "body",
          "parameters": {
            "{{ value }}": "null"
          "invalidValue": null
  "data": {
    "posts": {
      "add": {
        "node": null

Unlike other errors validation errors contains the key constraintViolations containing a array of violations.


  • code: Machine-digestible error code for the violation.
  • message: Violation message
  • messageTemplate: Raw violation message. The raw violation message contains placeholders for the parameters returned by parameters. Typically you'll pass the message template and parameters to a translation engine.
  • propertyPath: Field path causing the issue relative to input, if blank is a form general error
  • parameters: Parameters to be inserted into the raw violation message.
  • invalidValue: Value that caused the violation.