One of the greater benefits of use subscriptions is to manage highly costly tasks, for example a webapp tells the server to compute a report and the server delegates the computation of the report to an asynchronous worker (using message queue), and closes the connection with the webapp the worker sends the report to the webapp when it is computed.

You have two ways to accomplish this task:

  • Create two operations, a mutation to request the report and subscription operation to listen when it's computed.
  • Or use the AsynchronousJobInterface to make this two actions with a one single operation.
use Ynlo\GraphQLBundle\Annotation as GraphQL;
use Ynlo\GraphQLBundle\Subscription\AsynchronousJobInterface;

 * @GraphQL\Subscription()
class UpdateReport implements AsynchronousJobInterface

    public function onSubscribe(): void
        // use message queue to start the report build 

    public function __invoke($reportId)
       // return the report

The method onSubscribe is executed synchronously on subscription and the method __invoke is called asynchronously once the report completed using the following code in anywhere in your application.

$this->publisher->publish(UpdateReport::class, [], ['reportId' => $reportId]);